Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Disaster of a Natural Disaster

So I was thinking the other day of all the places I'd never want to be if there were a natural disaster:

-the bathroom
-naked anywhere
-on top of a very tall building(unless there was lava, then, I don't know)
-Wal-Mart(You might think this is a good place to be with food and such, no, the mass panic that would ensue will turn Wal-Mart into a boiling bed of destruction)

Places I'd actually like to be:

-On my scooter(just because if I were to die I'd like to go while I was riding around on it)
-Outerspace(this is would be a very opportune time to be an astronaut)
-Watching General Conference or Attending the temple

1 comment:

brook said...

so one time, there was a HUGE earthquake in chile. i was taking a shower, and had to go out into the street (we were on the 11th floor) in my towel. no bueno.